Show Upsells and cross-sells product that perfectly atch each other, by smart rules that you can create by your own.

WooCommerce Related Products C4W is the most powerful plugin solution for WooCommerce shops, that displays additional product offers on a product page of your website.

The key is Dynamic Rules, that allow you to link different products with different values, prices, and priorities.

You can add new related product blocks, and replace existing upsell and cross-sell offers. The plugin allows you to define unlimited dynamic rules for displaying products that are similar to the one your customer is planning to purchase or that you want to be sold. The rules for setting related products can be very different and the products can be different and of course only those that you want to see.

WooCommerce Related Products C4W is the new smart option to help you drive your online sales and increases your customers’ engagement and improves.

Main Features


Ability to connect products from one collection using SKU;


Create rules with global parameter “all” or create rules only for certain products;


Link products from similar range of prices;


Show products with the same tags or categories;


Different blocks layout, position, and sorting;


Multiple blocks in one page;


Show only in stock products or show out of stock;


Responsive carousel slider or grid display;


Customizable block title, product count, block position and priority.

What's the Benefit?

Create your own rules for
related products

Replace default and usually
non-relevant related products

Avoid manual type-in of the up-sell
and cross-sell products

Utilize dynamic rules to display
relevant products to your customers


How it works

First, choose where it should be displayed. By default it will be displayed for all products.


Choose a criteria by which you want to match the products, from the list:

  • Product name;
  • Products;
  • Categories;
  • Tags;
  • Price;
  • SKU;
  • Stock status;
  • Weight.

Choose a condition that you want to apply to your rule, for example:

  • is;
  • is not;
  • greater than;
  • less than;
  • any.

Depends on condition, set a value for your rule if needed.


You can set up a few conditions within one rule if you want or setup a few different rules, it all depends on your needs.


The next step is to define rules which will be accepted to the products which will be displayed in the Related products block. The settings is similar to the rule “Where to display”


There are some custom options which can help you to show the related products in the needed way or you can import already prepared themes for the slider.

You can set up the next options:

  • Title;
  • Block Layout;
  • Number of columns in slider;
  • Show navigation in slider;
  • Display Add To Cart;
  • Display Ratings;
  • Display Price;
  • Max products to display;
  • Sort products by;
  • Template;
  • Image Size;
  • Include in image tag srcset.

Furthermore, you can choose where you want to show related products - on the product page or on the cart page

Start using smart rules
that will match
products perfectly